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A.D. Sutton & Sons is a fifth generation, family owned and operated business located in the heart of NYC, in midtown Manhattan. Abraham D. Sutton, a new immigrant to the United States, founded A.D. Sutton & Sons back in 1909! We have been importing quality goods into the U.S. for over 100 years.


Our story began with the importing of French and Chinese Lace products. In the 1920s the company then moved into Chinese handkerchiefs, which were a real novelty item in their heyday. Yes, we’re that old, but we have always grown with the times.


Every generation’s demand for popular products has been a unique and fun chapter in our storybook. In the 1950s the company moved into the import of scarves and stuffed animals from Japan. Likewise, in the 1960s we were well renowned for our beloved Ragdolls, imported directly from Poland. (These dolls are actually still around, and are now considered collectors’ items.) In the 1970s the company moved into luggage and bag products. We even invented the first diaper bag special for moms in 1976.


In 1981 the company bought its own distribution center in NJ, which we proudly still operate. This move provided the basis for a lot of the work we do today. From the launch of our extensive line of modern and multifunctional diaper bags, our company has moved into the import and creation of colorful, exciting backpacks for kids, handbags for ladies, adult backpacks, messenger totes and canvas bags for adventurers of all kinds, and even playful baby clothes, nursery decorum, and accessories.


Throughout the decades A.D. Sutton has stayed on top of the newest trends, fashions, and social initiatives, infusing a mix of what people love with what they need into every product. We pride ourselves on what we do, because we’re an industry leader, and have been so since the beginning.


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Corporate Social Responsibility

AD Sutton works directly with our factories to ensure that each of our suppliers has the ability to not only manufacture our product, but to do so responsibly – for the workers, for the environment, and for our customers. AD Sutton’s Compliance and Audit teams measure factory performance, and help our factories continuously improve.

The Environment

We continue to make efforts towards sustainability, from reducing our usage of non-recyclable plastics, to powering our distribution centers with solar-generated energy, and creating more products that use sustainable materials. All AD Sutton factories must refrain from using any chemicals outlined in all Federal and State restricted substance lists, and also include chemicals that have been voluntarily restricted due to their effect on the workers and the environment.

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